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Fitness & Weight Loss Tracker Login

Once you login you can:
  • Track my team's progress
  • Track my fitness minutes and individual weight-loss
  • Update my profile and contact information
  • View my fitness and weight entries
  • "Remove me from a Team"
  • "Add me to a Team"
    Note: You will need the "Unique Team Id" from the team you are joining in order to add yourself to a team. You can obtain this Id from the team you are joining.
  • Obtain my team's unique ID


Fitness & Weight Loss Tracker allows you to keep track of how you and your team are doing throughout the competition and will give you the ability to update your profile information.

Enter your email address and your unique PIN to access your Progress Tracker

Email address* Unique PIN**


*Note: The email address must match the one used during your registration.
**Note: If you cannot remember your "Unique PIN" click here and your PIN will be sent to your email address indicated above.



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